"My mask arrived from Hero Gear today. It was better than I expected. I just provided a very basic idea of what I was looking for and Jack picked up on it and really delivered. This thing is built tough and crafted to last for years.
I couldn’t wait to see it with my whole gimmick and suited up as soon as I could. It made one thing glaringly obvious though. My homemade attempts looked pretty sad next to a piece of serious equipment like what Jack produced for me. LOL
So now I am for sure getting more from Hero Gear because I don’t think I would be happy with anything less. Great craftsmanship, very professional looking and the prices cant be beat for the awesome quality.
Thank you for all the great work and the care you put into the build. I will be ordering more in the future.

" I've been a member of the community for almost two years as a RLSH. During that time, I have constantly used my connections in my occupation of public safety to look high and low for quality gear to suit my needs as I endeavor to make the world a better place.

After an exhaustive search online, I was recommended by a colleague to check into www.Hero-Gear.net and I was delighted to discover exactly what I was searching for. Jack is an experienced tailor, having supplied countless RLSH and similar personas with battle suits, uniforms, and costumes. I was able to give him a rough thumbnail of the concept I was hoping to achieve, as well as a basic logo I wanted to expound upon. To my great surprise, he intuitively captured the spirit of the design as I had imagined it, while making it look simply bold and profoundly iconic. Jack is very helpful in his feedback, offering multiple designs and options, all with the individual goals of his client.

Regarding the portion of my suit I commissioned from Hero Gear; I find it very comfortable. It moves with me and breathes effortlessly, whether Im pounding the pavement on a sweltering summer evening in central Florida, to the brisk mornings on the coast of Cape Cod. Laundering the article of clothing is so easy, even a bachelor like me cannot screw it up. They are also very durable if treated properly, as I have owned mine for almost a year and a half, without it showing any signs of wear and tear.

The quality of his craftsmanship shines through in every stitch, and it is apparent that he puts great care into every aspect of the products he sells. The value of the garments themselves far exceeds the modest price he charges. He is flexible, imaginative, and thoughtful, and to anyone who knows him, they can tell you he doesnt just make outfits for customers; he creates them for his soon-to-be friends.

My name is Knight Owl, and I go to www.Hero-Gear.net for my custom work. If you are looking for the best bang for your buck, I enthusiastically recommend his services.

Knight Owl


Nothing will stop Honest Jack Brinatte from bringing you, the loyal consumer, his Fine Stitched Goods! You can trust in his quality workmanship, hands on approach, and personable demeanor. Need to commemorate a special event or celebrate a special occasion with a lasting memento? Paper cards eventually just get thro...wn away, or clumsily take up valuable space on your mantle. So, why not try one of Honest Jack's custom patches! For a price less than two premium greeting cards, you can have a piece of art you can wear, frame and hang, or even quilt! And the low price of $10 includes shipping! Outstanding!

-Phantom Zero

My Name Is Danger Woman. I am what you would call a singing superheroine/disability rights activist who rights wrongs and gives evil a headache.
For many years, I was well known as the cute little heroine who always wore those cute minidresses, tights or leggings, legwarmers, boots, fingerless weightlifting gloves, minicape and mask, but being a real life superheroine, I felt like I was stuck in a fashion time warp and had a reputation of being too well-known for wearing this look.
It wasn't until Master Legend and The Knight Vigil felt it was high time and long overdue that I had a very proper heroic makeover, so they referrred me to your fine esteemed website, where RazorHawk and Mr. Jack, The Superhero Fashion Guru, helped me do the right heroic thing and get a very proper heroic makeover for me.
Using the templates that were provided online and importing it into my Microsoft Paint Program, I was able to design a very heroically cute battle suit with a proper cape to go with it. and give them my measurements, to make sure that I do look heroically cute and very fashionable.

While I was waiting for my goodies to come, Mr. Jack and RazorHawk were very polite and making sure that I learned how important it is to get a very heroically cute battle suit, that is crafted here in the Good Old USA, made with American Pride and Honor, while educating me about the step by step process of the making of my heroic makeover

When I recieved it , I was stunned and surprised over the quality and heroic workmanship of my battle suit and cape, that I started to wear it at a concert that I had over the summer and the fans loved my heroic makeover so much, that they asked me where I got it.
I did tell them that I got it from Hero-Gear and they all gave me a standing ovation!

When I wore it at Dragon Con, my boyfriend thought that my costume from Hero Gear was so sexy, that he kissed me and accepted my proposal of marriage!

Will I use Hero-Gear again for another heroic battle suit and cape?!?

Yes, I will do that with honor!

And I was so impressed about it, that I told my pal, Feedback, from Who Wants To Be A Superhero and Feedback: A Hero's Calling about Hero-Gear, when I sent him a recent photo of my heroic self, wearing this new heroic costume!

In closing, I want to say, Thank You, Hero-Gear, for making my heroic day!
Were it not for you all, I would NEVER have shed my minidress image and gotten a proper heroic makeover!
And, I am more than honored to be one of your spokesheroines in promoting your esteemed product!

Until we meet on the net, GAME ON!

Yours In The Fight For Justice and Good Superhero

Just got my package. It is fantastic! Thanks for your hard work and innovation in refining my order. It looks great! WOW how do you do it?


I got the shirt a week ago...AND IT F**KIN ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!



its perfect...it fits the contours of my face absolutely perfectly as if it were custom made to fit me!

If you have a like comments/feedback thing then I have to say that its the best craftsmanship I have ever seen on a mask!

Extremely happy with the product...and glad I could cheer you up =)

Gotta get some pics


Jack, thank you so much for the costume. I finally got it from my house and I love it! It goes with me wonderful!!! I can't thank you enough!!! Not enough at all! ^-^ THANK YOU!!!!! I'm going to spread your name now in a good light (like I haven't already) like cream cheese. Thank you so much again! If I ever get everything settled and a little more cash to spend, I'll be back! Hopefully!!!



- Ninja Guardian -

Jack, it looks great! I love it! I'm wearing it right now!
This one is ten-times better than the other one.
You really outdid yourself, this time. Thanks a million!
God, I don't know how many times I can say thanks before
I feel that it's enough!

Thanks, again!

- Hardwire -

Jack it was worth the time and money if not more, You're amazing I know I
sent alot of pictures but since I've kept promising you then I figured that
you deserve alot. I like the uniform, makes me look really professional.
Thanks for the that you have done Jack you are an amazing man.

Steel Fury
Right click and save or copy any of the templates to take into your favorite paint program where you can modify and color them. Then e-mail your design to herogear@rocketmail.comso we can see what you want created!